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Last week, we were alerted to flagrant violations of law on the part of Garland ISD, a district with over 50,000 students in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. An unnamed nurse sent out email communication to parents and staff about a “known exposure” to someone who was “test-confirmed with COVID-19”. The email informs students and staff that they may be required to take a COVID-19 test in order to return to campus and, even if symptom-free, force-masked for several days.

A link is included in the message to self-report COVID positivity (and, presumably, tell on others) through an online portal, which may or may not be secure. Shockingly, school staff are required to divulge their vaccination status if they report they are positive for COVID!

This cannot stand! TFVC is committed to quashing this overreach, much of which is in violation of not only SB29, which went into effect on September 1, but SB968 from the 87th legislative session, as well. We sent a letter to Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath and the Office of Governor Greg Abbott to inform them of this urgent situation and to demand that TEA provide binding guidance to school districts to keep them in compliance with current state law regarding COVID mitigation strategies.

We fully expect that more districts will push the bounds of the law, if not completely disregard it; we witnessed this in the 2021-22 school year when many large school districts like Austin ISD, Round Rock ISD, and Dallas ISD ignored the Governor’s Executive Order banning mask mandates in Texas schools. TFVC will remain vigilant in calling out this bad behavior and holding districts accountable.

How can you help? 

  • Call and email TEA Commissioner Mike Morath and urge him to hold districts accountable! 512-463-8985 [email protected] 

Sample message: “Commissioner Morath, schools need strict guidance on how to comply with current Texas laws with regard to COVID restrictions and policies, and you need to hold them accountable when they violate the rights of students, parents and staff!”


  1. Janet Byram Gowling

    The overreach of school districts and other entities that openly defy our state laws and some federal laws MUST BE STOPPED!!! We are all held to societal standards and laws yet they ignore and do as they please, this creates anarchy and it’s a matter of time before a full scale rebellion breaks out against this tyranny. It’s been proven the jabs DO NOT WORK, just look at Jill Biden 2 shots, 2 boosters, her SECOND TIME TO GET COVID!!!! Masks don’t work, the jabs don’t work, STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!

    1. PCR tests don’t work either. The whole plandemic is the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on humanity! How dare anyone try to put all of our children and grandchildren through this again!

  2. Guys, this isn’t about guidance. The school system broke the law. This needs to be taken to the DA/sherriff and reported as the crime it is. If neither follows through, go up the food chain. There is also the remedy in Texas of: writ of mandamus.

    We can all write the school principal and nurse telling them to submit a correct statement to parents. “Dear parents our school sent out a letter which contained illegal requirements and threats to the children of the school. It is illegal for us to require any of the following: {list}

    We are very sorry that we engaged in illegal and unethical behavior. It will not happen again. Here, for your information, is a copy of Texas laws that we are required to follow: {text of laws} Please let us know if anyone from our ISD sends a letter which asks you to break the law.

    I believe a demand letter is also in order. Every infraction must be met with forceful lawful action. Too much is at stake to do less.

  3. Joyce Thornborough

    The entire pandemic was all planned for years, They talked about it in the 40’s 50’s and 80’s. Trump was right when he said it was a Hoax.
    Henry Kissenger even gave a speech to the WHO about it in 2009. “once they take the vaccine, Game over. We can taka their organs, control population.
    And they pay for their own funneral when they die.” The vaccine was not tested before given, that came out the other day. People 14-60 are
    dropping dead daily from the fake shot. Don’t fall for this again, we are headed in to communism.You have a 99.6% of surviving, unless you go into the
    hospital , then Fauci allowed one drug to be used, knowing it shut down the kidneys, and they drown when the fluid backed into the lungs.
    They called it covid lung. They murdered people. Wake up people..Geez

    1. I agree with you Joyce. And what people need to do is when they get sick take the flu test instead of the ConVid. If they do both then they will see how they’ve been had. If we, the people, don’t stand up to this tyranny then kiss America goodbye. The globalist are wanting US for their 10 kingdoms spoken of in Daniel. When they succeed, and they will but not without a fight, then the Club of Rome wins and will usher in the antichrist who will rule and reign for 7 years. THEN LORD JESUS…He is returning soon! That’s why the world is falling apart. Politics and religion has destroyed the American dream by forcing US to pay taxes and running up the National Debt (which is not our debt. We didn’t print the money and give it away to other countries. The Federal Reserve did, all for the Central Bankers). Hope y’all know your Maker. If not, then I’d suggest you start. Please don’t get left behind. No one, and I mean no one, wants to be here, especially if they knew what is coming. Research, research, research. It’s all there!
      Sorry for the rant but it had to be said. Not enough of US are doing what needs to be done. TV can wait. The future of our country is at stake. As they say, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything!”

  4. The school districts are liberal and they will keep pushing the envelope til they get everyone in masks again, and locked down.
    This is unlawful and where is Governor Abbott? Where are the people who are going to make them abide by the laws put in place for this in Texas? This is absurd!!!!! This is evil!! This is hurting the children!!!

  5. We, Texans, must be vigilant. We should not allow ourselves to be fooled again. We should not allow the authorities yo decide for us and our children.

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